About us

The nolock software solutions ltd (nolock Softwarelösungen GmbH)

was founded in the beginning of 2007 after years of self-employment and project work. Our young, creative, experienced, and motivated team consists of persons with different technical background (mathematics, electrical engineering, information sciences, business information systems), and as such we can deliver solutions that others may not think of.

Our claim is to find the best solution.

We are confident of our products – our costumers too. We are also not shy to recommend products from other manufactures, if that which should fit your specific scenario could be better. Let us consult you, and convince yourself of our claim.

Responsibility to our customers, our colleagues, our environment

Perfect working atmosphere leads to motivated colleagues, motivated colleagues develop better products, better products lead to satisfied customers. Professional and friendly interaction with each other is important for us: we are convinced that a human touch fits high tech very well.

The team

Clemens Geistler
Database Specialist. An excellent and experienced developer with a main focus on databases, software architecture and business intelligence. Founder and executive partner. Computer scientist, likes relational database systems and clean object-oriented programming.
Phillip Egger
Access Control Specialist. Has worked for 20 years for live entertainment with a main focus on ticketing and access control. Founder and executive partner. Electrical engineer, likes system architecture and distributed systems.
Marco Fettinger
Senior Web Developer. Develops our web applications and websites, known for realizing solutions formerly undreamt of. Is always up-to-date regarding latest web technologies. Business information system analyst, likes ASP.NET MVC, LESS and TypeScript.
Paul Bohunsky
Senior Developer. Leads his development projects with great dedication and feels like home when coming to backend logic. Had a beer with Tim Berners-Lee at a W3C conference! Information scientist, likes complex tasks and architectures, workflow diagrams and working with .NET und SQL.
Andreas Scharl
Software Developer and allrounder. He helps where it burns. Strong interest in technology and everything new. Great motivation and ready to master all challenges! Likes American Football.
Ashot Mhryan
Quality Assurance. Test our software and hardware for unwanted "features".

Our products are or have been used, amongst others, by

Nolock, a proud member of the CTS Eventim Group

"The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time." - Tom Cargill